Affordable Trucks and Heavy Transport Parts Available Here

Affordable truck spare parts available here!

TMSQ offers high quality spare parts you may need for your business’ spare parts management. Parts for heavy transport, including cabs, chassis, gearbox and more! We also have cheap generator assembly, water pump and more!

If you own a Sinotruk or have a business in the heavy transport industry, you may need these parts which we offer at affordable prices.

Check out the Sinotruk parts available at our showroom:

truck parts for sale
truck parts for sale
truck parts for sale
truck parts for sale
truck parts for sale
truck parts for sale
truck parts for sale
truck parts for sale

Buy cheap truck spare parts here!

We also offer brand new and Japan surplus trucks, heavy equipment and more. Get in touch with us now to avail of our low low prices:

CALL US NOW! Look for JM or Leng

Landline: 02/239 -3043,

Mobile: +639988633188/+639163034553



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