Tri-Axle Flatbed Available Here

3axle flatbed 1
Tri-axle flatbed for sale at TMSQ

Tri-Axle Flatbed For Sale at TMSQ Trading & Marketing Inc.

Brand new units of triaxle flatbed semi-trailer is available for sale at TMSQ. The flatbed trailer has the following specifications:

  • Model NO.: YLH9402
  • Load Capacity: 45000kg
  • Wheel Base: 7000-8000mm
  • Grade: Medium Duty
  • Universal Joint Type: Rigid Universal Joint
  • Towing Pin Type: Cross Type
  • Differential Gear Type: Gear Type
  • Connecting Type: Semi-trailer
  • Axle Number: 3
  • Self-dumping: Not Self-dumping
  • Material: Steel
  • Brake Chamber: Wabco Re 6 Relay Valve; T30/30+T30 Spring Brake CH
  • Type: Axle
  • Tread: 1820mm
  • Towing Pin Material: Carbon Steel
  • Brake Pad Material: Less Metal
  • Towing Pin Diameter: 90mm
  • Independent Suspension Type: Cross Arm Type
  • Shape: Flatbed
  • Tire Number: 12
  • ABS Anti-lock Braking System: Optional
  • Condition: New
  • Support Leg: Jost Brand D200t or China Brand 28tons


3axle flatbed 3.jpg

Brand new tri-axle flatbed semi-trailer for sale at TMSQ! Call us now!


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