Farm Utility Tractor Yanmar Fx42 for sale

Farm Utility Tractors available at TMSQ Trading & Marketing Inc.

Yanmar FX42 Farm Tractor (2).jpgThe brand Yanmar was founded in Japan in 1912. The company has a long history with small diesel engines and in particular, the agricultural equipment division of the company was started in 1961.

Yanmar continues to be a supplier of farm utility tractors and more. And in today’s spotlight, we would like to present to you the FX420 available for sale at TMSQ along with other Japan Surplus, heavy equipment and materials.

Yanmar FX42 Farm Tractor.jpg

For sale at TMSQ Yanmar FX420 Utility Tractor


  • Weight: 3616 lbs (1640kg)
  • Length: 128.9 inches (327 cm)
  • Width: 61.2 inches (155 cm)
  • Height: 93.5 inches (237 cm)
  • Engine: Yanmar 2.0L 4-cyl diesel
  • Fuel capacity: 8.5 gal (32.2 L)

3 Point Hitch

  • Rear Type: I
  • Rear lift: 2756 lbs (1250 kg)

Power Take-off (PTO):

  • Rear PTO: live
  • Rear RPM: 540


  • Ag frontL 8-16
  • Ag rear 12.6-24

You won’t have to keep renting your  farm equipment when you can get it here for a low low price. TMSQ Trading & Marketing Inc. offers heavy equipment at affordable rates and payment packages. Get your own utility tractor! Call us now!



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