Brand new Fuel Trailer for sale

Brand new portable Fuel Trailer are now available at TMSQ Trading & Marketing Inc.

fuel trailer 1
Brand new fuel trailer available at TMSQ

Oil transport truck for sale

Check out the latest products available at TMSQ. In todays spotlight, we would like to introduce the Oil Tank Truck.

Meet and greet the Fuel Trailer. This trailer is:

  • Triaxle Fuel Trailer
  • with a capacity of 30,000 Liters
  • has 4 (four) compartments

fuel trailer 2.jpg

Oil tank truck

Buy brand new fuel trailers at TMSQ

This fuel trailer is made of carbon steel. The truck is a 12 wheeler with 6 compartments.


  • 8×4
  • diesel/gasoline/petrol/oil/
  • tank truck, 35000L-40000L
fuel trailer 3

Product features:

  1. Volume of FUEL tank 35000L-40000L
  2. Number of compartments 6 compartments
  3. Low oil consumption
  4. Applied carbon steel sheet Q235-A; or Stainless steel; or Aluminium alloy.
  5. The main parts implements automatic welding.
  6. Sub crossbeam apply rectangle steel sheet that thickness more than 5mm, stick out in one time.
  7. Painting helps hold tolerance and coherence, can make sure the tank in good situation more than 5 years.

Interested? Call us now!




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