Generator Sets For Sale

Battery charger and Generator Sets for sale!

TMSQ Trading & Marketing Inc. is now offering generator sets and battery chargers for your trucks and heavy equipment. If you are looking for battery chargers or generator sets for automotive services

Those in the automotive service or auto repair service industry needs generator sets to fit very specific criteria. TMSQ is happy to show you the battery chargets and gen sets we have available that will allow you enjoy the convenience of finding generator sets based on real-world applications and specs.

Browse through our gallery and check out the specifications and price of the items in the gallery of affordable battery chargers and generator sets.

  • Bulldog BDG180A
    diesel welding generator 180 amp 3.5kba 10hp
  • Shark SGW80
    diesel welding generator 6.5kba 12hp
  • Shark SG7500-S
    silent generator type 7kba
  • Tenmar TM6700EO
  • Yamada Generator GTX1000
    gasoline gen set 1000 watts
  • Fujihama KC3500
    gasoline gen set 3.5kba
  • Powerman PM3200
  • Marine Engine
  • Super Kama
    marine diesel engine 12hp (black)
  • super kama
  • Brigde and Straton
    marine engine 2500 watts
  • Yamma H/P
    10hp 13,500
  • Yamma L/P
    10hp 14,500
  • Yamma H/S
    marine diesel engine 12hp
  • Yamma L/S
    marine diesel engine 12hp
  • Yamma 5GF-ME 38,500
    Yamma 2GF-M
    Yamma 3GF-M
  • Battery Charger
  • JCK Kawasaki CB-40
    Powercraft PCBC20 Battery Charger
  • kawasaki air compressor
    2hp 5,200
  • besfan air compressor
    2hp 6,300
  • Assorted
  • Compact 230Amp
    Yamada BX1-200A
    Jr. Kawasaki BX7-220
    Power Craft PWM6-200B
    Cougar BX6-220
    Yamato BX6-300AMP
    Yamato BX6-200AMP
    IGBT ARC-300
    Yamato MWA-200
    Daiden DDIW-300A
    Power Star BX6-250AMP
  • cut off machine
    bosch 8k
    makita 9800 k
    maktek 8k
    JCR/kawasaki 5500 k
    DCA 7k
    skil 8k
  • submersible pump
    1/2 hp 6,600
    1 hp 10,600
    2 hp 18,000
    3 hp 24,500
  • press drill
    daikatsu 13mm 5,300
    daikatsu 16mm 9,500
    hunter 1/2 15,300

Find what you need? Then give us a call! We are more than happy to serve you.


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