Mining Tires and Tire Assembly Available Here

Buy cheap mining tires and tire assembly at TMSQ

We help you improve your services to make sure your clients are happy with every transaction. For those in the auto repair and/or trucking industry, we have a special offer for you!

Buy Mining Tires here

TMSQ Trading & Marketing Inc. is now offering tire assembly for 10 wheeler trucks and tire assembly for mining!


TIRE NAME DESCRIPTION Suggested Retail Price

in Php

1100R20 Mining ST-TIRE ASSY (FOR MINING) 1100R20 LM309 19,000
1100R20 18P ST-TIRE ASSY (6W) 1100R20 18P 19,000
1200R20 Mining ST-TIRE ASSY (FOR MINING) 1200R20 18P/LM301 20,500
23.5×25 Tire Assembly TIRE ASSY 23.5X25 TIRE ASSEMBLY/SECOND HAND 31,000
23.5×25 Tire Assy Mining TIRE ASSY 23X5 X25 MINING 0.00
1100R20 Hi Way ST-TIRE ASSY (FOR HIGH WAY) 1100R20 18,500
23.1×26-12PR TA TIRE ASSY 23.1X26 (14PLY) 43,000
7.50×16 TIRE ASSY 7.50X16 8,500
26.5×25 Tire Assy TIRE ASSY 26 5X25 (28PLY) 75,000
20.5×25 Tire Assembly TIRE ASSY 20.5X25 (20 PLY) 40,000
13.00×24 Tire Assembly ST-TIRE ASSY 13.00X24 (12 PLY) 20,500
14×24 Tire Assembly XCMG-TIRE ASSY 14X24 (16 PLY) 29,500
1200R20 18P Hi Way ST-TIR ASSY (FOR HI-WAY) 1200R20 18P/LM201 19,700
16/70×20 Tire Assembly TIRE ASSY 16/70X20 (14 PLY) 24,000
23.5×25 Tire Assembly TIRE ASSY 23.5X25 (20 PLY) 35,500
17.5×25 Tire Assembly TIRE ASSY 17 5X25 (16 PLY) 37,000


Check out our available tires!


Tire Assembly for sale!

Call us now for your assembly needs: 02-2393043! Look for Leng or JM



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