Quality and Affordable Wheel Loaders

Buy quality wheel loaders at TMSQ Trading & Marketing Inc.

cdm 835
Lonking CDM 835 wheel loader for sale

Cheap heavy equipment with easy to pay price packages!

Wheel loaders are construction machinery that look like versatile mobile shovels. The loader transfers material from stockpiles to trucks, or transport material around job sites. A wheel loader has a bucket that scoops materials and they come in different sizes. Bucket sizes range from perhaps 1 cubic yard for small utility machines, to 20 cubic yards or more for large models in mining applications.

Here at TMSQ Trading & Marketing, we offer high quality wheel loaders from brands like Lonking. Lonking manufactures different kinds of wheel loaders such as:

wheel loaders lonking.jpg

TMSQ is your trusted heavy equipment dealer in the Philippines. We understand that one of the engines with great benefits of today is the wheel loader. We believe in helping companies improve their core service. And for construction companies, a wheel loader is both an investment and a must-have equipment in making sure the work gets done and the customers are satisfied. So we are offering you this earth-mover at affordable prices and easy to pay packages. Check out our other units as well!


The wheel loader is reliable machine in construction work.Get yours now! Call our friendly sales engineers now (02) 239 3043. Or visit our office at Rd 8 corner rd 1 Bagong               Pag-asa, Quezon City, Philippines.


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