Automatic Brick Making Machine QT4-15

Buy automatic brick making machines at TMSQ!

QT4-15 multi functional full automatic brick making machine that is capable of making different specifications and forms of road paver, hollow brick, solid brick, curbstone.To achieve fully automatic production, this automatic brick making machine adopts computer PLC central control system allowing owners to save lots of labor costs and time.

This automatic brick making machine uses four – bar – oriented method and ultra – long – oriented bearing allowing for precise movement of the mould and press head which extends the service life of QT4-15.


Automatic Brick Maker for sale!

This automatic brick maker for sale is made of super steel, using special welding technology. This however does not make the QT4-15 hollow block making machine expensive compared to other automatic machines. QT4-15 a good investment because of its use, functions, versatility and quality.

ito na tlagaaaaa.jpg

WHY QT4-15?

  1. Advanced drive by wire technology and hydraulic conveyance system for easy operation.
  2. Fulang’s QT4~15 is one of China’s most famous automatic brick making machine.
  3. Makes more solid blacks that other automatic concrete brick making machine.

Call us now, if you are in need of a reliable and trustworthy automatic hollow block machine.


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